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All Ages, all abilities covered. Click VENUE BARS below to display the individual club information.

Towcester C.E.S.K.A Classes

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Towcester Leisure Centre
NN12 6UW

CESKA Classes:
6:30 to 7:30pm – All ages
7:30 to 8:30pm – Brown/Black
9:30 to 10:30 – All ages
Brackley C.E.S.K.A Classes

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Brackley Leisure Centre
Springfield Way
off Pavillions Way
NN13 6JJ

CESKA Classes:
6:30 to 7:30pm – All ages
7:30 to 8:30pm – Advanced
Akeley Village Hall C.E.S.K.A Classes

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Akeley Village Hall
Church Hill
MK18 5HA

CESKA Classes:
6:30 to 8:00pm – All ages
Silverstone C.E.S.K.A Classes

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Church St
NN12 8XA

CESKA Classes:
6 to 7pm – All ages

For further information call:
Martin Redford
Club Instructor
Mobile: 07870 901334

All Ages, all abilities covered. Click VENUE BARS below to display the individual club information.

Beachborough School C.E.S.K.A Classes

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Beachborough School
Nr. Brackley
NN13 5LB

Term time - Students only

Various classes for Pre Prep 1 up to year 6 take place during the school term.
Days and time of these classes please contact the school office.
Stowe School C.E.S.K.A Classes

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Stowe School
(in the Drayson Hall)
MK18 5EH

CESKA Classes:
Winchester House C.E.S.K.A Classes

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Winchester House School
High Street
NN13 7AZ

Term time - Students only

(Yrs 3 to 8)
5pm to 5:50pm

C.E.S.K.A. Karate for the whole family

Teaching children

CESKA offers a children’s program for children ages 6 and above. As with our adult karate classes, the emphasis is on traditional karate skills, including blocks, punches strikes and kicks performed while in various karate stances.

At our main open clubs like (Brackley/ Buckingham / Towcester) children train in the same class as adults, obviously we always pair up children with children in kumite (sparring) within the lessons. We see better karate development with children learning alongside adults and this makes the classes very family friendly. Many parents can train knowing their children are in the same class as them, safe and enjoying their class

The open classes have become very successful and are adopted in many karate associations

In ou closed school classes (like Beachborough and Winchester House) the classes only have the school pupils in the class.

Japanese terminology (wording) is slowly introduced in the classes so its fun for them learning the wording.

All students wear the traditional white gi (uniform) and their level of personal advancement is indicated by the colour belt they wear during class. However, our focus is on student self-development rather than ranking, and children are encouraged to advance at their own pace.

In a typical class, children do warm-up exercises, basic karate blocks, punches and kicks. As they become more confident with the basics, students will learn kata (a prearranged series of movements). Our instructors always ensure that the children have fun while learning and the children learn quickly in an enjoyable fast paced environment.

Children benefit significantly from karate training and in particular will benefit in the following ways:

Develop their self-confidence
Enjoy regular exercise in a friendly, encouraging environment
Develop their self-discipline
Improve their strength and co-ordination

Teaching adults

Adults in karate are looked at from the age of 14 yrs So we encourage the young adults to train and develop their karate skills alongside over 18yr olds especially in our advanced classes (Brown & Black Belt Class)

Our aim in CESKA is to ensure all classes from reception classes to our mixed children & adult classes are interesting and enjoyable. We all learn when in an enjoyable and safe environment.

We welcome all to come along, children women and men. No martial arts experience to experienced to those with experience years ago. Come along and join CESKA and enjoy a martial art experience.

Through the practice of karate you will enhance all areas of your life with greater self-confidence, self-esteem and physical conditioning.

Grading? Are you training enough?

To work through the grades, you should train a minimum of once a week, and if possible, when leading up to a grading, twice a week.

To help you train we have some published some videos, click here to view.

If you have any questions whatsoever about C.E.S.K.A. and the classes available,
please phone or email me.

Shihan Peter Calver 7th Dan
Chief Instructor of CESKA
Mob No: 07801 088188

Events & Gradings

Next Club Grading from Blue to intermediate Brown

Are you training enough?
Details of the next grading period will be announced in the class (or ask your C.E.S.K.A. club instructor for details) and placed here on the site.

Brown & Black Belt Grading

Those ready to grade will be personally invited to grade and informed of the date, time and venue.


Tournaments and Courses will be promoted to students via their clubs with dates, times and venues and placed here on the site


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